From skyscrapers to style sheets

I have a degree in architecture, and worked for an architect in Kuala Lumpur for a year after graduating, but spent my most memorable times there exploring the city by bike and finding new places to eat (I love food even more than books).

When I returned to the UK I decided not to continue training as an architect, but to work in publishing instead. Over the course of the next decade I worked as an in-house editor for four different publishers – two children’s publishers (Miles Kelly and Usborne), an educational publisher (Scholastic) and an adult trade packager (Quarto), where I was a Senior Editor, managing highly illustrated titles for publishers in the US and the UK.

In 2008 I resigned to go freelance (mainly so I never again had to explain to a prospective employer why I wasn’t an architect), and haven’t looked back since. I’ve worked on more than 800 projects for many different publishers, and I love what I do. And as well as running my own editorial business, I also work as a mentor for the SfEP. I served as a director of the SfEP from 2013 until 2015.